Security service & woman security guard

dispochauffeurThe Excellence offers security guards service to assure your safety during your travels, during your premises or at your residence.

Our women security guards, reliable and punctual are trained and qualified to insure your own protction, your properties and valuable goods protections anywhere and anytime.

Types(Chaps) of service offers of safety(security) and personal bodyguard:

  • Rounds and surveillances of site
  • Personal bodyguards

To assure our services of security, we ask you to contact us for a perfect understanding of your needs and set up an appropriate logistic adapted to your request.

Valet Parking Service
l’Excellence provides our full attention to take care of your vehicle during your travels and your stops.
Just give us your keys ! Qualified and experimented valet parking totally takes in charge any vehicle types for various missions like transfers, event, shopping, etc.) for long or short-term periods.
Would you like to know more?
Contact L’ Excellence from now on to arrange an appointment.
Our valet in uniform will come to meet you at the indicated time and address.


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